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What size of organisation is NetPay designed for?

NetPay online has been designed for small to medium sized New Zealand businesses employing between 1 and 50 staff. However, that's just a guide as companies larger than this will also be able to successfully use NetPay.


How easy is NetPay to install?

You don't need to install NetPay on your computer as it is accessible over the Internet. After registration, most organisations will be able to get up and running with NetPay without external assistance in a few hours. 'Wizards' are provided to help with the set-up of each screen involved in the registration process for the company and for each new employee. It generally only takes a few minutes per person to load new employee details. However if you prefer, we will be happy to assist you, at no additional charge.


Does the system meet New Zealand’s statutory requirements?

Yes. Datacom employs a substantial team of payroll and information technology specialists specifically to ensure its payroll systems are always up to date with the current legislation from the day it comes into force.


Can NetPay file my IR348 E-file on my behalf?

Yes. NetPay online payroll will automatically file your IR348 (E-File) to Inland Revenue when it falls due. No intervention is required on your part.


The Company behind NetPay

NetPay has been designed and developed by Datacom, the largest New Zealand owned information technology organisation. Datacom employs over 3000 staff and has been in operation in New Zealand since 1965.