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NetPay Online Payroll’s Features and Benefits


How easy is it to use?

Simply click on the Contact Us link from this site and fill in the relevant forms. A NetPay representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible to allow you to benefit from the NetPay service when you need it.


Help when you need it

Its one-click simplicity means that you will be up and running within hours, and the logical flow of the screens and straightforward language used make navigation so easy.  Run your mouse over the  on any input fields and a description of that field is displayed.


Call our helpdesk or send us an email simply by clicking on our Contact Us link.


Time and Attendance

NetPay really is the real deal! If your business requires a time and attendance clocking in system, Datacom can provide the complete setup, working seamlessly with your NetPay payroll system. Existing T&A systems only need to be able to create CSV files in order to work with NetPay. Datacom has the solution to all your business needs, no matter how simple or complex. 


Need Reports?

-           Payslips

-           Direct Credit Schedule

-           Departmental Costing

-           Leave History Report

-           Pay Period Summary

-           Deduction Schedules

-           Benefit Schedules

-           IR 348 

-           ACC Premium Report

-           Employment Survey


There may be a report that isn’t standard you require, NetPay has specialist report writers who are able to meet 95% of all requests.