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NetPay - Online Payroll Solution


Cloud Payroll gives unlimited advantages including reduced cost, ease of use and automatic updates - plus you can do your payroll from anywhere at any time.


Eleven years ago, Datacom saw the potential of the internet and launched NetPay as a solution to simplify the payroll administration for the many small businesses. Ever since then, our small business payroll software has led the way in cloud payroll with continual updates and new functionality.


NetPay provides small businesses with the benefits of ease of use, price certainty and speed. The payroll software offers “one-click” payroll and a simple workflow to guide users step by step through the payroll process. Price certainty is assured with a fixed monthly subscription fee and free upgrades.


NetPay is Datacom’s premier online payroll system, giving small and medium businesses the power, sophistication and security of market-leading payroll software at a fraction of the cost.


As a business, you will benefit from the latest cloud technology, ease of use and amazing prices.

-          Full PAYE Compliance

-          Full record keeping

-          Leave calculations

-          Automated payments

-          Utilisation of National Datacom Data-Centre Backup

-          Online access

-          8000+ customers

-          Quickest and most accurate way to pay employees today


NetPay saves time and money by automating payroll tasks and offers secure processing by hosting applications and data offsite. Users connect to NetPay via the internet. The NetPay application and data are housed on the server which also handles all processing. In effect, this gives the users access to far more computing power than their desktop machine would usually provide and means the business does not need to invest in expensive server hardware.


NetPay is fully integrated with banks and the IRD so information and money get to where they need to be on time, every time. Legislative and IRD policy amendments are automatically incorporated in the NetPay system as they happen, greatly reducing workload.


Contact us today to invest in a solution that is designed for New Zealanders by New Zealanders.

NetPay is here to make your payroll simple and ensure you’re not over charged for a cloud solution.


For advice on the most effective internet payroll solution for your business, please submit your contact details and we will be in touch, or alternatively call us now on 0800 72 97 97.